Whether they were impressed that Donald Trump took the initiative to meet with Mexico’s president or simply with the fact that he didn’t drool on himself while doing it, pundits had to admit that the GOP nominee fared pretty well Wednesday, even if they had set the bar to its lowest position.

So, it was inevitable that someone in the Trump camp would quickly feed the media something outlandish they could run with to reset the narrative. That job used to fall to Trump himself, but now that his campaign is under new management, the founder of Latinos for Trump stepped up Thursday night on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” (guest hosted by Joy Reid).

That sounds pretty tasty. Is he saying that under President Trump, properly vetted Mexican immigrants will enter the United States legally and become entrepreneurs? Not quite.

And that’s … bad?

Hey Hillary, can we have some of that hot sauce you keep in your purse?

… and that’s why it’s so important to accept immigrants on the basis of merit.

Someone had to spoil our appetites. “My culture is a very dominant culture” is self-loathing now if a Latino says it? Are the people wearing “Make America Mexico Again” T-shirts to Trump protests self-loathing too?

It must be a burden for a white man to have that gift/curse of superhuman insight.

Berney does confess in his bio to being an opinion writer for Rolling Stone. We didn’t know “whiteness” was a culture, but if it is, Rolling Stone is certainly on every coffee table.