The AP is reporting Wednesday night that Micah Johnson, the Army reservist who killed five police officers in an ambush-style attack during a protest march in Dallas in July, showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from Afghanistan in 2014.

The Associated Press obtained the documents from the Veterans Health Administration through the Freedom of Information Act.

Johnson sought treatment for anxiety, depression, and hallucinations and described himself to doctors as “angry and irritable.”

One document, dated Aug. 15, 2014, indicated that Johnson was “not acutely at risk for harm to self or others.” Providers reportedly contacted Johnson in October, but he put off further treatment for PTSD, saying he was busy with a remodeling project.

After Johnson was killed, the military released a report compiled by an Army investigator claiming that while deployed, Johnson exhibited erratic behavior, sexually harassed a female soldier, stole her underwear, and slept with a live grenade and stolen prescription medication stuffed in his sleeping bag.