As Twitchy reported, things got ugly at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis Friday night, with video showing protesters banging on doors, harassing attendees, and even punching one man repeatedly until fellow demonstrators intervened. Other video showed protesters climbing on cars after the event let out.

Minneapolis police reported today that there were no arrests made, although they are investigating reports of a 75-year-old man who said he was robbed of his cellphone, another person whose souvenirs were ripped out of their hand, and the spray-painting of graffiti (reportedly a swastika) on the convention center.

In a statement, police declared that any rumors or reports that they were told to stand down were false.

Local GOP leaders, however, say many attendees leaving the event faced “a gauntlet of intimidation and abuse.” Sheri AuClair told WCCO that demonstrators would hold megaphones to Trump supporters’ ears and yell “to the point it was like they were trying to break your eardrums.” Cynthia Schanno told the Pioneer Press that protesters were “absolutely harassing, terrorizing, bullying people.”

Police are reviewing video looking for suspects, although the fact that some demonstrators were dressed like this might complicate matters.

Even Ken Martin, chair of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party issued a statement saying protesters crossed the line.