In the days following the much-publicized staff shake-up at the top levels of his campaign, it was difficult not to notice the “new” Donald Trump, who began to stick to a teleprompter during speeches and stood patiently as audiences broke into chants of “Lock her up.”

Reporters and pundits fainted dead away when Gov. Chris Christie put Hillary Clinton on trial at the Republican National Convention, leading the crowd in a chant of “Lock her up.” Of course, it was just a week later when Bernie Sanders supporters chanted exactly the same thing on the floor of the Democratic National Convention, until Clinton delegates were given scripted responses to shout down hecklers in unison.

In any case, the kinder, gentler Donald Trump seems to be trying to discourage such chants at his rallies. President Obama has the annoying but effective and media-approved “Don’t boo, vote,” while Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani on Monday again made an ill-advised attempt to steer crowds toward chanting … “Beat her”?

What’s the chance the media will let that slide, as Giuliani obviously means defeat her at the polls in November … OR DOES HE?

Footage of Trump supporters shouting “beat her” should show up in a Clinton campaign ad by mid-week. OUR CHILDREN ARE WATCHING.

It’s amazing Clinton lived to attend her husband’s birthday bash, after Trump explicitly called for “Second Amendment people” to assassinate her — he literally did, you know. Funny how the media fanned that flame while the Clinton campaign quickly sent out a fundraising letter instead.