If you saw Crystal Pepsi on the store shelves this afternoon and considered that a shocker, you’d better be sitting down if you’re watching Donald Trump’s rally in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday night.

Trump’s high-level campaign shakeup kicked off the news at sunrise Wednesday and dominated social media all day long. Is it possible the Charlotte speech is the first sign that the Trump campaign has been rebooted? It’s only fair: how many times to Hillary Clinton kick off her campaign before deciding she’d finally gotten it right?

First things first: the teleprompter looks like it’s going to play a much bigger part in the campaign going forward.

It is something to see the man most famous for punching back owning up to not choosing the right words in the heat of debate and expressing regret for any personal pain he had caused. No, really, Trump said that.

Well … believe it? Or not? The press is calling it “incredible,” and the crowd at the rally is enthusiastic. The audience is also falling into the familiar chant of “Lock her up,” but Trump seems to be letting that one slide by. (He did acknowledge a chant of “Build the wall!”)

Not that he’s going easy on his opponent. Now that he’s cleared the decks with his sort-of apology, he’s going after Benghazi and those emails.

You tell us. Donald Trump certainly didn’t vault to the front of the pack during the primaries by pulling his punches, but those were the primaries and the general is approaching quickly. One thing’s pretty certain: the Hillary Clinton campaign isn’t going to like the new approach.


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