We’re not sure what you had planned for a Saturday evening in August (aside from checking Twitchy), but Democrats in Congress are dialing into a conference call to deal with more fallout from a computer hack attributed to Guccifer 2.0.

On Friday, more information from Democrat computers was dumped onto the Internet, including the personal contact information of House Democrats, contact lists and memos, and passwords to databases and news sites.

Among the more amusing revelations: the DCCC subscribed to Glenn Beck’s website and logged in with the password, “nutbag.”

Before Saturday’s call, Rep. Nancy Pelosi sent out an email to colleagues urging them to change their phone numbers, saying that she received scores of obscene calls after her personal contact information was posted online.

We’re certainly no fans of Pelosi’s politics, but posting personal contact information is pretty low. Besides, where’s the good stuff?

In her email to colleagues, Pelosi noted that the hack of Democratic Party computers “has been widely reported as part of a Russian cyber-attack” and advised that the DCCC had hired a security firm to investigate the data breach.

Of course, Hillary Clinton’s unsecured home-brew email server was never in any danger of being hacked, right?

Last October, a Daily Beast editor responded with an “LOL” to an AP report that Russian-linked hackers had sent multiple malware-infected emails to Clinton’s private email address: the same one she used for official State Department business. For his part, Hillary for America’s Brian Fallon tweeted simply, “Breaking news: Clinton received spam” — that she never would have received had she been using the government’s official, secure email system. But that wasn’t “convenient” for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In light of the most recent data dump by Guccifer 2.0, by all means, let’s make “extremely careless” Hillary Clinton president.

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