We have to give Piers Morgan credit: he might recoil at the very mention of the word “gun,” but at least, like some journalists, he didn’t complain that the recoil bruised his tender shoulder when he test fired an AR-15 at a Texas gun range, years before every reporter in America decided to purchase one” as a stunt to show how easy it was for a person with no criminal record to buy a legally available firearm after a background check.

From his safe space in Great Britain, we assume, Morgan congratulated the United States on its first Olympic gold medal as only he could.

Congratulations indeed to Ginny Thrasher, 19, who in her first Olympics pulled off an upset in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event Saturday morning.

Considering the New York Daily News writer who suffered “temporary PTSD” after firing an AR-15 at a gun range was soon schooled with a YouTube video of a 7-year-old girl managing the rifle with no problem, don’t these adult men ever get tired of the ridicule? At least Morgan didn’t have to hack Wil Wheaton’s phone in order to steal his witty observation.

Bonus points for having the good taste to select a GIF of Adam Baldwin.

No, he really isn’t.

Any comment on President Obama granting in a single day commutations to 56 convicts who were charged with some combination of stealing guns, altering their serial numbers, and using them in connection with drug trafficking? Or is the trolling reserved for teenage girls shooting an air rifle at a target for sport?

Shut up, Wesley.


We would be remiss in our duty not to add Wheaton’s confirmation that his unfunny joke wasn’t very good, he felt compelled to tweet it anyway, and you’re stupid.