It’s been common knowledge in the tech world that Apple would be introducing new emoji in this fall’s iOS 10 update. Among the most anticipated features (no, really) is an updated set of emoji, with more than 100 being added or redesigned. Cher, who communicates almost exclusively via the little cartoon icons, is likely so thrilled that Apple is still working on an emoji to express her joy.

Apple gave an official preview of the updated emoji in a news release Monday, noting with pride (and a rainbow flag) the diversity of options that will be available, including more female athletes and professionals, more gender options, and more family options (e.g., single moms now have their own symbol).

Amber Niblock of the NRA notes what the news release doesn’t: rather than add more guns to represent the diversity of firearms with which we flood our communities, Apple has beautifully redesigned the gun emoji into a water pistol.

If that holds true for the final icon set, then even people like Cher who have been using the emoji to call for gun control will find themselves disarmed.

Does that thing even have water in it?

The squirt gun swap will likely be met with great acclaim, but some will still be triggered. Consider another recent redesign: the 2015 Boy Scout Handbook announced a ban on water gun fights, because as one spokesperson explained, “pointing a simulated firearm at another individual is not aligned with our Scout Oath nor Scout Law.” Hopefully Scouts won’t let that oath stop them from pursuing careers in law enforcement and the military and pointing real firearms at other individuals.

Here’s hoping the new emoji set comes with a diverse selection of 100 new eye-rolls too.

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