It might be the first week in a while without a party convention, but the New York Post promises to get the party started next week with an unconventional Sunday cover featuring Melania Trump, uncovered.

Considering even the Post-censored cover is likely not safe for work (depending on where you work, of course), we’ll just type a bit here to move the photo down the page a bit.

This should probably be enough.


But don’t blame us if your boss or spouse is peeking over your shoulder and gets upset.



We’ve never seen photos of a potential first lady like this, and we’re praying we’re not in for a similar photo spread of the potential first gentleman; besides, we’ve already read the report describing in excruciating detail whatever Bill has that would be blacked out.

So, is this meant to help or harm the Trump campaign? Most people on social media think it’s tasteless even by the New York Post’s standards, and it’ll probably sell really, really well.


Some maintain the pics aren’t even Melania Trump but a bad Photoshop job; or, if the pics really are from ’95, they might be best one could have done with Photoshop as it existed at the time.