Among the issues being featured at the Democratic National Convention Thursday is the minimum wage, which the party has determined should be “at least” $15 an hour nationwide, because the current minimum “is a starvation wage and must be increased to a living wage.”

Why stop at $15 an hour? That’s not only a starvation wage; if you happen to be in the convention center in Philadelphia, it’s a dehydration wage as well, with people lining up to pay $4.50 for a bottle of water. Bernie Sanders has to be pleased seeing the inside of the Wells Fargo Center starting to resemble the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

Even evil corporate giant McDonald’s, which has been the site of many Fight for 15 protests, will let a bottle of water go for a buck.

We should definitely put these people in charge of the economy.

Fortunately, police working up a thirst trying to hold back protesters storming the DNC’s border fence have plenty of free water and food — shipped over from Cleveland, where law enforcement working the Republican National Convention found themselves with more donated water than they could drink.


Apparently bladder control is now a requirement to attend the #DemConvention