While groups like Democracy Spring, many of whose members wore Bernie Sanders campaign gear, hogged the media spotlight on Monday with sit-ins outside the Democratic National Convention, members of the the Revolutionary Communist Party announced their arrival in Philadelphia too. You may know them from such RNC protests as, “Flag burning on East 4th Street.”

That’s right, we did hear about them. They’re the ones who managed to set themselves on fire while trying to burn the American flag outside the RNC. Are they going to try to burn that flag, or just stand on it?

Democracy Spring announced that they’d lay low Tuesday to make room for the Black Resistance March. Other marchers had other goals, such as the overthrow of the United States government. The Daily Beast’s Tim Mak noted that protesters had kicked things up a notch.

What’s sad is that’s not even remotely shocking, and the participants never seem to gain any self-awareness either.

On Monday, protesters threw a tantrum until the city arrived to take down Mississippi’s racist state flag, at the same time as Green Party members were proudly bearing North Korea’s colors in the streets of Philly. Some capitalist likely make a couple bucks selling a Soviet flag to this demonstrator.

Wow, these people have a gripe with everything. We should probably include a trigger warning for these next posts, as chants of “Lock her up!” directed toward Hillary Clinton gave reporters the vapors.


That last video seems to have gone AWOL, so enjoy this one: