Who’s ready for more unity? Not only are Democrats and progressives boycotting North Carolina for its stance on transgender rights; on Monday they held a sit-in on Broad Street in Philadelphia to demand that the racist Mississippi flag welcoming delegates from that state be taken down.

Not surprisingly, the mayor’s office conceded and dispatched a crew to have it taken down.

You’ll recall that after Dylan Roof slaughtered nine in a cowardly attack on a church in Charleston, S.C., the finger of blame somehow turned to the Confederate flag, which was removed from the grounds of the State House in South Carolina (with a CNN countdown clock ticking off the seconds, no less) and moved to a museum.

The fuss over the Confederate symbol fell by the wayside until today, when it triggered protesters outside the Democratic National Convention.

Good effort — now it looks like the Confederate flag and a noose. If at first you don’t succeed …

Just leave it to the professionals, OK? Help is on the way to soothe those triggered nerves.

The protesters actually said “thank you” to police for conceding to their demands? Things in Philly are even crazier than we thought, although law enforcement didn’t escape the incident without criticism.

At least North Korea’s flag isn’t racist.