Despite continual protests that began days before the Republican National Convention even opened its doors to delegates, Cleveland police have been on high alert. As of Tuesday, only a handful of arrests had been reported, although that number jumped by five or so Wednesday afternoon (update: make that 17) as agitators went through with their planned protest, which included a flag burning at the edge of the designated security zone.

Some media outlets, including Newsweek, ran with reports that demonstrators were doused with pepper spray.

Um, we don’t seem to be the only ones who see an officer with a small fire extinguisher putting out the burning flag. The City of Cleveland reports that police have not deployed pepper spray.

Now that that’s cleared up and we’ve been assured the protesters were not pepper sprayed (or shot with foam ear plugs) … are the police who were assaulted OK?


Newsweek has deleted its original tweet, but here’s a screenshot.

Newsweek pepper spray tweet

Unfortunately, the correction still gets it wrong.

The L.A. Times might need to take another look as well.