Most of those who were able to see Pat Smith — mother of Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi — give her emotional speech at the RNC Monday night were moved by her powerful message. (Many missed it, as Donald Trump for some boneheaded reason called into Fox News during the convention, causing the network to preempt her appearance.)

It’s worth clarifying that Smith has appeared on TV before more than once to tell her story because she wants it told, but she’s managed to get little to no traction outside of Fox News.

Still, she keeps trying, though there’s not much else she can do but watch as Hillary “What Difference Does It Make?” Clinton prepares to move back into the White House.

Josh Rogin, columnist for the Washington Post, thought Smith’s appearance at the RNC was just plain wrong, as she was being used by the RNC and Trump for political purposes.

We don’t recall Smith stretched out on her son’s grave with a professional camera crew on hand to capture the candid moment for a glossy spread in Vanity Fair, but we let our subscription lapse, so maybe it happened.

Rogin’s certainly in the loop, so it’s surprising he missed out on the announcement that Michael Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, is set to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Maybe he’s waiting until then to tweet his disgust with Clinton and the DNC for using her for political purposes.