As Twitchy reported Friday, Donald Trump not only revealed his choice for vice president but also the ticket’s shiny new logo, which some simply panned as ugly, while others insisted the design was “vaguely sexual.”

In case anyone had any doubt, within hours, an animated version of the logo was making the rounds on social media, with the “T” doing something rather unwholesome to the “P” beneath it.

The Hill reports that the campaign on Saturday began sending out emails featuring a new logo, which appears on the campaign website as well.

Someone from the campaign has certainly been dispatched to insist that the redesign had nothing to do with the online backlash, but let’s not pretend for even a second that it wasn’t.

On the plus side, it is a big visual improvement — or maybe not.

But it’s not pornographic, so that’s good, right?

Not another debate over size again, please, unless we’re talking about the national deficit.


Does Jake Tapper REALLY not see what everyone else sees in new Trump-Pence logo?