Just two days after five police officers were shot and killed during a protest in downtown Dallas, the Dallas Police Department has locked down its headquarters after receiving what is being called a credible threat to kill police.

Note: As of 6:15 p.m. local time there has been no official confirmation of shots being fired (and apparently there haven’t been; see below).

CBS DFW  reports that police “received an anonymous message about a group coming from Houston with the intent to kill officers,” and that a person from the Houston group had been spotted in Dallas/Fort Worth.



The police have asked the media to cut all live feeds from the scene as they reportedly sweep a parking garage near headquarters.


The police are giving some details. The gunshot that some say they heard was likely a controlled blast to open a locked gate. They’ve also clarified that the threat received earlier was unrelated to the parking garage sweep.

Here’s a nice, one-tweet summary of this evening’s events.

Good news: it appears as though any threat has passed and everyone can exhale. In the meantime…

Just because, here are a couple more photos from Dallas News reporter Claire Ballor taken just before police scrambled.

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