Plenty of people have already declared two police officers guilty of the murder of Alton Sterling, whose shooting death early Tuesday morning in the parking lot of a Baton Rouge, La., convenience store was captured on video. Sterling was being held down by two police officers and was shot in the chest at point-blank range.

A second video that began circulating on social media, like so many other videos of shootings, has been labeled “graphic” — in this case, though, that label is wholly appropriate, and we won’t link to it here; it’s widely available online for the curious, but be warned that this isn’t blurry footage taken from a distance.

Protests and vigils are underway in Baton Rouge and elsewhere, and President Obama has reportedly been made aware of the incident. Candidate Hillary Clinton weighed in Wednesday night, and while she’s been criticized often here for having no self awareness, it’s hard to overlook that the politician who just skated past a criminal indictment issued a statement that she’s pleased the Justice Department will investigate thoroughly and hopefully rebuild the public’s trust in law enforcement.

Prayers? Isn’t this the same candidate who jumped on board the “thoughts and prayers are not enough” gun control bandwagon following the terrorist shooting at an Orlando nightclub, joining in to bash Republicans who tweeted their thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families?

Clinton looks well poised to carry on President Obama’s legacy of racial healing.

At least Clinton’s tweet itself wasn’t necessarily offensive, but her good friend Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood managed to inject some seriously twisted politics into her tweets.

Allows what to happen? Shouldn’t we assume the video of the incident was heavily edited? Better have it professionally analyzed frame by frame to be sure.

Did the woman in charge of the organization founded by Margaret Sanger really just use the shooting death of Sterling as an opportunity to call for “reproductive justice” for people of color? Can she honestly not turn off the abortion fetish for one minute?