In keeping with Tuesday’s news theme — the double standard that benefits Democrat politicians to whom laws simply don’t apply — we thought we’d check in with Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who has caused a stir in St. Helena, Calif., after locals complained that she indulged in some emergency stunt driving in order to buy shoes.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the buzz around Pelosi’s recent trip to Wine Country began with a letter to the editor of the St. Helena Star in which a man named Paul Smith recounts witnessing a gleaming black SUV flip on red-and-blue flashing lights, zip across two lanes of traffic and come to a stop in a no-parking zone in front of upscale boutique Footcandy.

“This didn’t look like any official business to me,” Smith told the Chronicle.

The Star checked in with St. Helena Police Chief Bill Imboden, who didn’t deny the account but said that local police must defer to U.S. Capitol Police and the U.S. Secret Service, both of whom have the discretion to violate some state and local laws in order to provide the best possible protection to the dignitary in tow. Some of those upscale shoe boutiques are in dangerous neighborhoods, after all.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill confirmed to the Chronicle that Pelosi was in town that day but insisted that her security detail “always complies with appropriate laws and regulations.”

The appropriate laws and regulations, mind you.