What’s the chance that Hillary Clinton will come under fire for apparently using the outdated idea of a gender binary as a guide for populating her cabinet? Multiple news sources are reporting that Clinton is making plans for a cabinet that is 50 percent male and 50 percent female, as if such definitions held any meaning in 2016.

Hold on a second — if it’s Hillary Clinton we’re talking about here, the only Ensure we’re counting on is the nutrition drink.

Nowhere does the New York Times provide a guarantee that Clinton will follow through on her plan, which reportedly includes a cabinet wish list with a couple of high profile names who have yet to commit to anything, let alone be asked.

Before Clinton perhaps maybe asks Tim Cook to become the first openly gay cabinet secretary, she’d better weigh her options: would it serve her better to have an openly gay man or save that slot for another woman? Why not have all women? It takes a village!

Speaking of problematic, the New York Times also includes in President Hillary Clinton’s plan for her first 100 days a “beer summit” (well, drinks of some sort) with Republicans — the same people she named in October’s Democrat debate as the enemy she’s most “proud” of having made.



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