After word got out that Attorney General Loretta Lynch generously allowed an elderly man with a history of heart problems to take shelter from the Arizona heat in her plane, she made it clear that she and her visitor, Bill Clinton, spoke “a great deal about grandchildren,” travel, and the former president’s golf game, never touching on the “security review” the FBI was conducting into Hillary Clinton’s email arrangements.

It took a few days, but Bill Clinton finally managed to release a two-sentence statement on the social call, which he realizes might not have looked completely innocent.

Hillary Clinton declared at a town hall event in January that she wouldn’t call her use of a secret email server an error in judgment, insisting, “nothing that I did was wrong.” Who knew that Bill Clinton even had the capacity to admit to poor judgment, albeit in a roundabout way?

It’s good to know that Clinton wouldn’t hold a secret, private meeting with the attorney general again, realizing now that the public might take it the wrong way.

Glad that’s settled. Maybe he and Lynch can just swap photos of the grandkids on Facebook once her resignation is accepted.