As Twitchy reported, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) must have thought he had some really good material that didn’t make it into his nearly 15-hour filibuster on guns, like his claim that by not voting to pass the Senate’s four gun control proposals, Republicans and their friends at the NRA were essentially selling assault weapons directly to ISIS: a claim that inspired a quick “Me too!” tweet from Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Writer Kurt Eichenwald is a little late to the party, so he’s upping the ante a bit, claiming that the GOP is fighting to make it as easy as possible for the next Osama bin Laden to buy a gun.

Is there any point in mentioning that 9/11 wasn’t pulled off with an AR-15 but rather box cutters? Probably not.

So about that terrorist watch list … it might be a worthwhile tool if it were populated with the names of, you know, terrorists.

Ana Garcia, a journalist and occasional travel blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote a piece this week for the Washington Post about her life on a mysterious government watch list. For the record, she accepts the inconvenience of secondary screenings in exchange for whatever security the list is alleged to provide, though she has no idea why she’s on the list and isn’t allowed to know.

Garcia writes:

The authorities won’t tell me what “bad Ana Garcia” has done, but based on the facial expressions of the numerous immigration and customs officers who have questioned me, she’s bad.

Technically, I am on a Transportation Security Administration selectee list. That’s one down from the no-fly list.

I don’t have a constitutional right to board a plane, or reenter the United States without a secondary screening.

I will be the first to tell you, it sucks.

Garcia says she’s fine with a gun ban for “terrorists on a watch list,” yet she’s innocent but on a watch list anyway. So why not put everyone on a watch list to be really, really sure?

“It just makes sense that if you are a terrorist on a watch list, you should be banned from buying weapons,” she concludes. “And if you are innocent like me, I am sure the government can come up with a redress number specifically to protect your Second Amendment right.”

Thankfully, some aren’t depending on a bunch of Democrats pulling an all-night temper tantrum to protect their constitutional rights.