After the failure of four gun control measures before the Senate Monday night, Sen. Ben Sasse tried to explain to followers on Twitter that the vote wasn’t about not allowing terrorists to buy guns; rather, the debate was over ceding to the Executive branch the exclusive power to decide who is and who isn’t a terrorist. Would liberals want President Trump in charge of maintaining a terrorist watch list that limited people’s right to due process?

That’s the logical explanation, at least. NBC News’ Luke Russert wants you to know that he saw victims of gun violence weeping in the lobby after the gun control measures failed to pass.

Let’s hope those Republican senators who let the Constitution cloud their judgment feel pretty bad about themselves right about now.

Hang on now; is reporting on people crying over legislation passing or failing a new thing? And will it be applied consistently? Maybe the system could be amended so that legislation could be vetoed by tears from the Senate gallery.

Remember when Colorado voted to allow concealed carry on campus after a rape survivor told how she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in a gun-free “safe zone”? No, wait: a state senator told her chances were her rapist would have taken her gun and used it against her. Maybe if she’d been less brave and cried more during her testimony, the media would have taken an interest in her cause.