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Ignore any headline proclaiming that the Lincoln Park Zoo has named its new baby camel after one of America’s most influential historical figures. Anyone being honest knows that unstoppable Broadway juggernaut “Hamilton” was the inspiration for the name of the Chicago zoo’s latest addition, Alexander Camelton.

It was a full year ago this month when Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that a woman would replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. Curiously, after “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda visited the White House for #Bam4Ham day, performed a freestyle rap with President Obama about immigration and Obamacare, and met personally with Lew, it was announced that it was Andrew Jackson who would be getting the boot. Could a Broadway musical seriously have had anything to do with that?

Depending on whether you’re one of … those people who hasn’t yet seen “Hamilton” or at least listened to the soundtrack, your amusement at these plays on the lyrics will vary.

If the Hamilton hype is too much to take, why not relax and kick back with a refreshing Rise Up Rye.



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