Protesters were out in force Friday for Donald Trump’s appearance in San Diego, waving Mexican flags and taking turns bashing the now obligatory Trump piñata. As Twitchy reported, one police officer also managed to get in a few swings with his baton at a man he obviously must have mistaken for a protester piñata.

English-language cable networks covering the Trump protests try to cover the events without letting any obscenities through, and sometimes they fail miserably (language warning, of course). Smooth save, Wolf.

It looks like Spanish-language network Telemundo has a similar problem, but at least one cameraman on the scene was there to help protesters get ready for their close-up by staging his shot.

Andrew Marcus, writer and director of “Hating Breitbart,” was at Friday’s protests in San Diego and managed to catch on video a Telemundo cameraman setting up a shot, which involved directing young protesters to crouch down, put aside their classy “F*ck Trump” sign for a moment, and hold up their Mexican flag.

Aside from watching his reaction to being busted, the best moment by far was the sight of the cameraman trying to explain to the protesters that their beloved Mexican flag was flying upside-down.

Marcus reports that he really felt the love from the protesters — or was that spit?

Some other signs that didn’t make the news broadcasts weren’t profane but wouldn’t have endeared the protesters to the average American citizen.

You don’t want to be an estupido gringo, do you?