There was some minor breaking news on CNN Monday night: Fareed Zakaria is still on the air at CNN. Along with that revelation were many others made as part of Zakaria’s prime-time special, “Why They Hate Us.”

It remains to be seen how many viewers were roped in by the sensational title, but Zakaria championed a moderate interpretation of Islam while arguing that Islamist terrorists are motivated by a hatred of all things modern, not simply America and the West.

To that end, Zakaria cited Canadian author and academic Irshad Manji, who argued that martyrs are working from a drastic misinterpretation of the Quran.

What’s the surprise? Manji maintains that “virgins” is a mistranslation of the word for “raisins,” meaning that the faithful are promised a date with dried grapes in the afterlife.


Raisins? Some say that’s, just, like her opinion, man.