It seems the man apparently endorsed by a bird that landed on his lectern doesn’t care much for @DWStweets, or for her place in the Democratic Party’s pecking order. On Saturday, Bernie Sanders announced that he’s supporting Tim Canova, who’s looking to take DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s congressional seat in Florida.

We wouldn’t say she has necessarily proved to be a shill for Clinton, but every shred of evidence seems to suggest it. Clinton and her supporters tend to go out of their way not to leave proof of anything.

So, just how bad is Wasserman Schultz in her capacity as party chair? So bad that Van Jones recently said on CNN that he’d prefer Reince Priebus to her.

At this point, it’s not certain who has more thoroughly worn out their welcome with Democrats: Wasserman Schultz , or the Independent from Vermont who really has little to lose at this point and might as well take down the party chair with him.

It didn’t take long for Wasserman Schultz to respond. Sure, she claims be neutral in the presidential race, but her statement is a model of restraint.


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