He lost the Kentucky primary by a hair and lags far behind in pledged delegates, but Bernie Sanders is determined to keep his campaign rolling into California for the June 7 Democratic primary. On Wednesday, Sanders reminded Clinton of her agreement early this year to hold one more debate before that goldmine of delegates is awarded.

That invitation came from Fox News, which let the Clinton campaign know that the ball is in her court.

That’s a solid point.

Someone at the Clinton camp is likely focus testing excuses not to accept the invitation at this very moment. Possible winners: It’s on Fox News, which has a conservative bias; it’s a stunt by a desperate candidate with no chance of winning enough delegates; and Sanders supporters proved in Nevada that they have a “penchant for violence” and her security detail has urged her not to attend.

CNN’s Brian Stelter wrote last night that a debate isn’t going to happen, and certainly not on Fox News. The fact that Clinton “has no political reason” to attend is reason enough.

Keep in mind how strenuously DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz defended the original slate of six debates, suggesting that more than six “would be a burden on the candidates” — especially to Clinton, who might be asked an uncomfortable question or two about her record.


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