Though it’s painful to agree even a little bit with Cher, there were few things more slimy than Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen’s tortured dismissal of a rape charge documented in Harry Hurt’s 1993 book “Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump.”

As the book passage resurfaced along with Trump’s rise in popularity, Cohen argued that the presumptive GOP nominee’s wife at the time, Ivana, intended to convey that “she felt raped emotionally … and not in its literal sense.”

Cher laid on the sarcasm Monday night, a bit behind the news cycle but just in time to counter Trump’s attack on Hillary Clinton as an enabler of her husband’s “naughtiness,” as CNN’s Carol Costello called it. (Costello, who had previously called a recording of an apparent physical assault on Bristol Palin “the best minute and half of audio we’ve come across in a long long time,” quickly apologized, though we sincerely doubt it was her idea.)

While Twitchy absolutely condemns such naughtiness — what Whoopi Goldberg would technically refer to as “rape rape” — from anyone anywhere on the political spectrum, it’s not the first time someone has argued a case of having felt raped.

You might recall that the lesbian couple who were refused service by a small bakery in Oregon were awarded $135,000 for emotional damages after claiming to having “felt mentally raped” by the owner.

If that’s the playing field in 2016, it’s no wonder Hillary Clinton is anxious to take the moral high ground by not discussing those lingering charges against her “secret weapon.”

So that’s a yes?


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