First things first: Even though Ted Cruz remains on the ballot there, Donald Trump easily won West Virginia Tuesday, with the race called immediately as polls closed.

More interesting, though, is the Democratic primary. No one knew exactly how much Hillary Clinton’s promise to put a lot of coal miners out of business would hurt her in the state, but rarely is the Democratic winner called this quickly with such confidence, suggesting a landslide.

While other networks are still going with “too close to call” or “leaning toward Sanders,” the candidate himself is going ahead with the fundraising email.

Sanders pledges to keep going, but exit polls suggest that many of the votes for him in coal country were actually votes against Clinton.


Two hours after NBC called West Virginia for Sanders, the dam has broken:

Another win for Sanders? It looks like we’ve got ourselves a race! (Not really.)

Once again, though, Sanders at least wins bragging rights and some forward momentum, and the RNC is hoping Clinton’s feeling the burn.

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