Newsrooms around the country have corrections to make Thursday evening after the man widely described as wearing a panda costume while making a bomb threat at Fox45 in Baltimore was actually dressed as a hedgehog.

About the chocolate … police say that the “bomb” strapped to the suspect’s chest was actually a row of foil-wrapped candy bars.

While police solved that mystery, the public tracked down the specifics of the animal costume.

That’s apparently a Japanese-made Hedgehog Kigurumi onesie. According to, “the word Kigurumi comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru (“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”).”

Facebook photos reported to be of the 25-year-old suspect show him wearing the mask while hanging out with someone dressed as a character from the popular anime “Naruto.”

We’ve also learned what was on the suspect’s mind as well as the flash drive he was carrying.

Cool fake bomb, hedgehog man! Sounds like someone should be receiving an invitation to White House Astronomy Night any minute.

But seriously, we can’t imagine how the young man’s father is feeling.


Man in ‘panda suit’ claiming to have a bomb causes evacuation of Baltimore TV station [photos, video]