When Twitchy reported that Bernie Sanders fans had chosen to protest Hillary Clinton’s $33,400 a plate dinner with George Clooney by throwing loose change and Monopoly money at her motorcade, video of the demonstration never, ever suggested to us that her opponents were treating Clinton like a pole dancer. That’s why there’s MSNBC, apparently.

Joy Reid rolled video of the protest over the weekend and was shocked at “people throwing dollar bills as if in a strip club,” with the exception that the “stripper” was locked up tight in a lengthy motorcade of black SUVs with blacked out windows. Still, the protest came just a week after Bernie Sanders surrogate Dr. Paul Song managed to get the #DemocraticWhores hashtag trending in Clinton’s honor.

No one said she was common.

Sanders quickly distanced himself from Song after his “corporate Democratic whores” comment.

Will he issue a tweet asking his supporters not to treat his opponent like a pole dancer? Maybe his campaign is still working on the wording.

For his part, George Clooney is admittedly upset and disgusted — with himself, for raising so much money for Clinton.

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