We didn’t hear any complaints from the Democrats last year when former stand-up comedian and TV host Bill Nye hopped aboard Air Force One for an Earth Day trip to the Florida Everglades that burned up 9,180 gallons of jet fuel at a cost of nearly $900,000. It was worth it, though — who doesn’t remember the president’s speech that day?

The White House really loves Nye, who was most recently spotted making the rounds at the White House science fair and hanging out with fellow inventor Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed at Astronomy Night. The Democratic Party also loves the way his mind works (as does NARAL) and today used an animated GIF to troll Ted Cruz.

Someone needs to go study the Constitution, and it’s not Cruz. As Twitchy reported, Nye said in an interview released Thursday that he’s open to the idea of jailing climate change dissenters, and he’s cited Article I of the Constitution as proof that denying science is “unpatriotic.”

Hillary? We were surprised to see the Democrats devote their previous climate change tweet to Bernie Sanders, who isn’t a Democrat.