The New York Times reported on the groundbreaking for a Planned Parenthood clinic in Queens back in 2014, noting that the borough had the highest rate of uninsured women and girls in the city (despite the passage of Obamacare, apparently — imagine those fines).

By Planned Parenthood’s own estimation, more than half of pregnancies in Queens are unintended, and although other abortion clinics were available, the absence of a Planned Parenthood was “something that had to be corrected,” Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer told the Times.

Despite its annual receipt of more than $500 million in federal funding, Planned Parenthood was able to secure $737,000 from New York City, $250,000 from New York State, and $121,000 from Queens to put toward the $9 million facility, which opened its doors in September but only today was ready for its close up in the New York Times.

“I was in awe how bright — even optimistic — a feeling that space gives,” Van Bramer offered.

David W. Dunlap’s profile of the clinic reads like a cross between a time-share brochure and a love letter. Though it is “a dark time for Planned Parenthood,” writes Dunlap, the organization “has created a bright new world: a health center where daylight streams in through large windows and skylights, where walls are painted in Easter-egg pastels.” Stop, we’re blushing. No, keep going; it sounds like heaven on earth.

Besides color … simplicity was key to helping people from so many different cultures navigate the center.

For instance, rooms were not named “Procedure Room 1” or “Examining Room 2” but given three-digit designations in Arabic numerals.

Decorative signs that express values like “Respect,” “Care,” “Health” and “Empowerment” were rendered in 11 languages. But no effort was made to incorporate ethnic references in the overall design or décor.

“Artwork from different cultures would be a minefield,” Mr. Yablon said.

Planned Parenthood faces enough of those already.

No, this fawning write-up doesn’t appear on the opinion page, in case you were curious.

Last summer, Planned Parenthood was thrilled to announce it was moving ahead with plans to construct a $4 million clinic in New Orleans.

In the shadow of the Kermit Gosnell atrocity in Philadelphia, states like Texas have passed (and Planned Parenthood has fought) legislation requiring its doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and drugs to be administered in accordance with FDA protocols.

Instead of fighting such reforms, is there some reason it doesn’t consider spending some of its millions to build new facilities or bring existing clinics up to state standards? Maybe we’re just overestimating how far more than a half-billion dollars in taxpayer money can be stretched.