A suspected terrorist who was shot in the leg by police last month in Brussels was carrying a backpack filled not with explosives but rather rotting animal testicles and feces, authorities revealed yesterday.

The Daily Mail reports that police shot Abderamane Ameroud, 38, in the leg by a rail stop in the same district of Brussels where the suicide bombings that killed nearly two dozen people and injured more than 200 were prepared.

Prosecutors suspect the man intended to use the contents of his backpack “to poison food supplies, or to create a deadly concoction aimed at spreading fatal diseases,” although they added that laboratory tests proved that the mixture “could at no time have been used to make a biological weapon.”

The Daily Mail reports that Ameroud, an Algerian national, has been charged with belonging to a terrorist organization linked to Reda Kriket, a man arrested in Paris on March 24 and accused of planning a new ISIS attack.