Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finally unleashed her campaign’s “secret weapon” this year, but it apparently has been in storage for quite a while and needs an update; consider Bill Clinton’s recent comparison of the contentious GOP debates to “those rap tunes on MTV” and today’s reference to kids “getting hopped up on crack.”

As far as we know, Clinton might still be riding high on the claim that he was the country’s “first black president” — which was widely misinterpreted as a compliment. On the campaign trail today, though, he confronted #BlackLivesMatter protesters, and though he didn’t seem to know much about them, they had certainly done their research on his legacy, such as his 1994 crime bill and promise to deploy 100,000 new cops.

Clinton tops the list of trending topics on Twitter Thursday night, and not in a good way.

Trying to educate the protesters by steering their attention away from his criminal justice policies and toward Africa was probably not the best move.

Slick Willie isn’t so slick anymore.

Where have we heard that recently?

What’s the chance a sore throat or some similar excuse forces Bill off of the campaign trail and back to bed rest for the next few days?