Proud Americans might have noticed a disturbing pattern during each stop on the first family’s spring break. That is, in the shadow of the deadly Brussels bombings, President Obama tends to break up each vacation stop into two parts. First comes the “fun” part with terrible optics: doing the “wave” at a ball game with dictator Raúl Castro or dancing the tango in Argentina while the search for bodies in Belgium continues.

The second essential component is the president’s inevitable apology for America. Obama told Castro that he looked forward to constructive dialogue between Cuba and America regarding human rights, racism and inequality, and in Buenos Aires Wednesday, the president confessed his wish that Americans had a “greater awareness” of the world outside U.S. borders.

Thursday’s “fun” excursion was an Obama family hike and boat ride at a national park in Argentina. The apology? America should have done more on behalf of human rights during Argentina’s military coup 40 years ago.

Please … don’t blame yourselves. Blame us.

His predecessors did the dumb things; President Obama’s purpose (in his mind, at least) is to make things right with the world regardless of the cost.

To make up for American’s inaction decades ago, the president announced the least America could do was to release U.S. military and intelligence records from the time.

Will the State Department be releasing those documents? Be prepared to wait another 40 years, President Macri. The State Department doesn’t release military and intelligence records as quickly as some might like, but it’s been getting a lot of practice.