Arizona has been called, and as insomniac reporters await the (very likely irrelevant) results from Idaho and Utah (which at the moment is looking like a Sanders/Cruz victory), Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have started some sort of feud over each other’s wives. Trump is apparently upset that the Cruz campaign has allegedly included a photo of his wife in a TV spot; Trump has threatened to cry havoc and let slip the legumes of war.

Wow — that tweet is closing in on 25,000 likes, and inspiring some interesting art pieces at the same time.

Cruz has warned Trump to tread lightly, insisting the photo didn’t originate from his campaign.

This latest feud is so seismically embarrassing to the Republican brand, it seems the only hope for the GOP is that #ManInTree continues to distract from the election. Yes, we’re pinning our hopes on a man in downtown Seattle who climbed to the top of an 80-foot tree.

This looks like a job for real-life costumed superhero Phoenix Jones.

#ManInTree 2016?