File under “sad but true”:

Protesters turned out in droves earlier this month in opposition to Donald Trump’s scheduled rally in Miami, which his campaign canceled in favor of an event in Youngstown, Ohio. Many patted themselves on the back for “scaring away” Trump, but chances are close to 100 percent he knew he had the Florida vote sewn up (he did) and decided a rally on John Kasich’s home turf was a better use of his time.

There were more protests in Miami’s Little Havana today as President Obama posed with his delegation in front of a huge mural of Ché Guevara and went limp at the very touch of dictator Raúl Castro. Demonstrators didn’t quite turn out in droves to protest this visit, though.

Doesn’t it count as “violent rhetoric” to run over a poster of President Obama with an asphalt roller?

Kudos to ESPN for taking an interest beyond the Tampa Bay Rays game. Sportscenter anchor Maximiliano Bretos put out word that he was looking for some younger Cubans to discuss the embargo.

Freedom is a powerful thing … beautiful.

Well, you did what you could.