Fox News host Bret Baier dedicated Monday night’s “Special Report” to a town hall meeting in Detroit in which both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton participated (separately, of course). Sanders didn’t have much new to say, but Baier did bring up the latest findings of the FBI’s “security review” of the State Department’s email practices.

Clinton noted that venerated Secretary of State Colin Powell also had received secret or classified emails at his personal email address (two emails, to be precise). However, Clinton was careful as always to qualify that she never sent nor received emails that were marked classified, a meaningless distinction it looks like she’s counting on for cover in the case of an indictment.

That can’t be repeated enough times. Clinton said early on in the scandal, as secretary of state, of course she would know what’s classified and what isn’t. Who needs markings? She does, apparently.

Lying? That’s a serious charge. Speaking of, maybe someone could get serious and charge Clinton already.

Baier can drop the ball all he wants as long as the FBI doesn’t fumble this one.