Edward Snowden, the former government contractor who copied classified information from the NSA revealing numerous global surveillance programs, must had read the latest story about Hillary Clinton and the investigation into her emails with particular interest.

According to Reuters, U.S. spy agencies presented Congress with two reports detailing how Hillary Clinton’s private email server contained some emails that should have been treated as “top secret” because their wording matched sections of “some of the government’s most highly classified documents.”

Reuters continues:

… some emails included passages that closely tracked or mirrored communications marked “top secret,” according to the sources, who all requested anonymity. In some cases, additional classification markings meant access was supposed to be limited to small groups of specially cleared officials.

Under the law and government rules, U.S. officials and contractors may not transmit any classified information – not only documents —outside secure, government-controlled channels. Such information should not be sent even through the government’s .gov email network.

Two sources said some of the top secret material was related to the CIA’s campaign of drone strikes against Islamist militants in the Middle East and South Asia.