For a minute there, it looked like either Vice President Joe Biden or former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg might be jumping into the Democratic race for president to save the party from Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for Bloomberg, it’s difficult to hear his name without thinking of his much-ridiculed ban on large, sugary drinks.

Salt was also in the mayor’s crosshairs, and Bill de Blasio is throwing his support behind the city’s #WatchTheSalt effort.

New York City’s Department of Health website notes that “New York is the first city in the nation to require chain restaurants to post warning labels next to menu items that contain high levels of sodium. The proposal was passed unanimously on September 9, 2015 by the New York City Board of Health, and requires restaurants with 15 or more locations nationwide to post the warning labels starting December 1, 2015” or face fines.

Some fatherly advice from the mayor:

True, but don’t forget: just last month, city health officials working with the mayor and police chose to repeal department rules that forbid public urination.

Trust the mayor — it’s for your own good.

So will moving out of New York.