As Twitchy reported, liberal radio host Alan Colmes tried to provide some much needed cover for President Obama, who skipped today’s funeral mass for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, by shaming Obama critic Sen. Ted Cruz for not attending the funeral himself. The plan might have worked had there there not been multiple photos of Cruz at the service. Oops.

It all goes to show that even liberals are desperate to explain why the president didn’t attend — especially when the president’s official schedule according to the White House web site is wide open today. Still, Obama is topping the list of Twitter’s trending topics with the #ObamaAndKids hashtag. What’s that about?

TIME magazine reports that the hashtag was started this morning by [liberal] activist and entrepreneur Michael Skolnik, who also serves as editor of Russell Simmons’ Skolnik even updated his Twitter bio to credit himself as “proud creator of #ObamaAndKids.” It’s not like he’s the first to ever use children to manipulate the image of a political leader.

Sure, Justice Scalia’s funeral was today, Democratic caucuses are underway in Nevada and Republican voters are at the polls in South Carolina, but check it out! #ObamaAndKids! Pete Souza is the official White House photographer and apparently inspired Skolnik to start the hashtag.

Tantrum kid is one of the most popular.

Here’s what a kid looks like when you take away her Obama.

Politico’s Marc Caputo has a three-part explanation why his submission is the best.

We kind of like this one, with no explanation necessary.