CBS’ Mark Knoller reports that President Obama managed to squeeze in five hours of golf this morning before the kick-off of today’s Southeast Asia summit. He also found a minute to address the controversy over the nomination and confirmation of the next Supreme Court justice through Eric Schultz, the White House’s principal deputy press secretary.

Considering President Obama used to teach constitutional law, we’re not sure where he found the word “ironclad” in that document. Then again, this is the president who practically apologized to attendees of a town hall that he couldn’t just confiscate guns, as he was “constrained by a system our founders put in place.

Isn’t there something in the Constitution about it being the Senate’s job to confirm Supreme Court appointments, or is that just “a lot of bluster?”

President Obama plans to do his job? Maybe that should have been the headline. Golf takes precedence today, though; if anyone should get Presidents Day off, it’s the president.

No doubt about that.

* * *

Editor’s note: The first sentence of this post mistakenly referred to President Bush and not President Obama and has been fixed. Twitchy regrets the error.