To smoothly pave Her Majesty’s upcoming triumphant visit to South Carolina, a series of television spots shot specifically for the state will begin to air soon. To increase her appeal in the south, Hillary Clinton has tapped former attorney general Eric Holder to appear with her in the spots.

The Huffington Post notes that in the spots, “Holder specifically mentions Clinton’s push to strengthen gun laws and police accountability.” Keeping police accountable certainly sounds like a crumb included to mollify the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, which has cautiously thrown most of its support to Bernie Sanders.

Clinton will also promise to defend President Obama’s legacy of taking on the big Wall Street banks, many of which Holder declined to prosecute for their alleged role in the financial crisis after rejoining his former law firm.

Holder is no longer associated with the Justice Department, managing to get out while the getting was good. The majority of his staff is still toiling away there, though, which could make his ad a bit awkward.

We’ve lost track of who’s going to be pardoning whom.