Twitchy has been covering all of Hillary Clinton’s celebrity-studded events — from Katy Perry to Demi Lovato to Lena Dunham to John “Bowzer” Bauman — and noting that the younger the audience, the less likely they are to be swayed by star power. When Demi Lovato, 23, performed last week at the University of Iowa on behalf of Clinton, hundreds of Twitter followers told their idol they loved her music but she needed to #FeeltheBern.

Matt Drudge asked for “More Dunham, please” after a New York Times piece reported that Dunham had told the guests of Richard Plepler, chief executive of HBO, that she was disturbed by how, in the 1990s, the Clintons and their allies discredited women who said they had been sexually assaulted by former President Bill Clinton.

The Associated Press has come to the same conclusion: a three-song Katy Perry concert in Iowa including Clinton’s “theme” song, “Roar,” is about as likely to convince even first-time voters as Grandmother Clinton’s bogus “Iowa Launch Party” playlist.

They’re catching on. As the New York Times recently reported:

Alexis Isabel Moncada, the 17-year-old founder of Feminist Culture, a popular blog, was not old enough to remember the 1990s, but lately she and her thousands of young female readers have heard a lot about the scandals.

“I heard he sexually harassed people and she worked to cover it up,” Ms. Moncada said of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. “A lot of girls in my age group are huge feminists, and we don’t react well to that.”

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    I know this isn’t the right thread.

    Also You said anything about pretending race doesn’t exsist? Well You and morgan freeman did.

    “judging a person Not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character”

    You never said anything of the sort in the last thread, nor does your meme imply that.

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      …”(Judging a person not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character”…I didn’t say that, you say?
      …Well of course I didn’t exactly “say” it…I was quoting MLK from his “I-have-a-dream”-speech, you TWERP: “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
      …THAT’S what MLK said (even in the way I paraphrased it. And look at this mean again: If you seriously think Morg Freeman isn’t implying what MLK said as just quoted, then you don’t know what the word “imply” means.
      …Kindly don’t bug me until you’re done with a couple of classes I recommend: #ESL…and remedial 4th-grade-level reading-comprehension.