We at Twitchy have covered quite a few stories about student groups that have presented lists of demands to university administrators — apparently many students voluntarily filled out applications to these schools and wrote tuition checks without any idea they were hellish hotbeds of racism, sexual assault, and cafeterias that try to pass off ciabatta bread as a passable substitute for a crispy baguette in Vietnamese dishes.

So far, these showdowns between students and the schools they chose to attend have resulted in resignations and capitulation, so we feel like borrowing the siren from another website to announced that a university president — Oberlin’s president — has told disgruntled students they can take a hike, despite the dire warning of a “full and forceful response.”

Inside Higher Ed reported Thursday that Oberlin president Marvin Krislov posted a response to the demands on the school’s website explaining that he would not negotiate based on the students’ “non-negotiable” list of demands, which included the creation of “special, segregated black-only ‘safe-spaces’ across campus,” along with an $8.20 an hour stipend to be paid to organizers of black student protests.