When millions of women and orphans fled Syria in search of safe haven, Germany welcomed more than a million of them with open arms. Word is that Chancellor Angela Merkel is rethinking her open-door policy after dozens of women reported being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve, allegedly by men of “Arab or North African” descent.

Henriette Reker, the mayor of Cologne, was blasted by feminists after she suggested that women adopt a “code of conduct” for their own safety, such as recommending that women maintain an arm’s length distance from strangers. What about the men responsible for the assaults?

ARD, a consortium of public TV and radio stations, is hoping to fill that gap by publishing a guide showing Germany’s new immigrant population how women are to be treated in Germany.

We’re guessing that the language barrier for immigrants required the booklet to rely heavily on illustrations like the one above.

Because walking around without pants is a no-no in German culture, hence the big “X.”

Maybe he’s a German demonstrating bad behavior. Or an American.