When Twitchy reminded readers yesterday that President Obama’s Twitter Q&A sessions, whether about Obamacare or climate change, usually take a left-turn into basketball chat. This afternoon, the president sat down at a computer at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, La., and gave it another shot, answering questions tagged #AskPOTUS — and also ignoring questions tagged #AskPOTUS, like this one.

President Obama said he was looking for ideas on what we as Americans can accomplish this year and beyond, and he did make it through nine questions. Our favorite, and certainly his, was this query.

Some guy named Paul Ryan tried to spam the Q&A with loaded political questions but was ignored.

Members of the administration assured reporters that the capture of 10 Navy sailors by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard would not be mentioned during the State of the Union address, and that policy applied to the Twitter Q&A as well.

Sorry everyone, out of time.