As Twitchy reported earlier today, the latest batch of State Department emails due for release Thursday but dumped in the wee hours of the night included one clearly showing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (“H”) instructing a staffer to strip the identifying header from a document and send it “nonsecure.” This, of course, is something Clinton’s camp denies ever happened.

Maybe this particular document referred to in the email wasn’t classified. No harm, no foul.

Guy Benson, political editor of Townhall, offered a flashback to a report last August alleging that just that sort of mishandling of classified material was happening regularly.

Fox News reported last August:

The latest revelations about top secret information traversing Hillary Clinton’s private email server have triggered accusations that someone in her “inner circle” likely stripped the classification markings, illegally.

… a State Department official told Fox News that the intelligence community inspector general, who raised the most recent concerns about Clinton’s emails, made clear that at least one of those messages contained information that only could have come from the intelligence community.

“If so, they would have had to come in with all the appropriate classification markings,” the official said.

The official questioned whether someone, then, tampered with that message. “[S]omewhere between the point they came into the building and the time they reached HRC’s server, someone would have had to strip the classification markings from that information before it was transmitted to HRC’s personal email.”

The official said doing so would “constitute a felony, in and of itself. I can’t imagine that a rank-and-file career DOS employee would have done this, so it was most likely done by someone in her inner circle.”