When Donald Trump isn’t speaking at one of his huge campaign rallies, it seems he’s 1) live-tweeting someone else’s rally, 2) calling into a TV show, or 3) criticizing something as “very sad.” This afternoon, Trump tweeted his review of long, long-running talk show “The View,” which he actually referred to as “great” (once upon a time). We’re going to guess his favorite seasons featured Barbara Walters and not Rosie O’Donnell, his feuding partner and tabloid co-star for a decade.

He has an excuse for watching today; Rand Paul was a guest, so Trump can just say he was doing opposition research. We don’t think Trump is risking any Republican votes by trashing “The View” anyway. Today Paul had to explain to Goldberg that hunters are not allowed to stalk their prey with machine guns.





Trump has time for everything — he’s high energy.